How We Work Together


No one technique works with every individual and Sanna recognizes each of her clients’ uniqueness. Sanna adapts and applies a variety of modality combinations to provide a personalized and optimized approach to help each client and their respective problem.To optimize the time together in session she has developed her own approach, Life Quest, an integrated energy psychology approach, including: 

Beyond talk therapy, Sanna understands the working aspects of the subconscious mind, listening and observing for the following:

  • Imagery
  • Word Choices
  • Hidden language
  • Life long fears
  • Mental movies
  • Beliefs and Thought Patterns
  • Current life and ancestral patterns
  • Body Sensations
  • Memories
  • Mental and Physical Habits 

One’s conflict from earlier years or family lineage presents conflict patterns, known as the problem, which are perceived to be accurate by the individual sharing and experiencing the information. Through astute observational skills, intuition and training, Sanna views the conflict from an expanded perspective and then focuses in for the solution. Sanna believes that the solution is within the problem because they co-exist.

Individuals may experience the Life Quest process with eyes open, moving with footprints, dialoguing, in silence or tapping on pressure points. Sanna’s approach does not usually apply the “lie back and close your eyes” method, nor does Sanna use prerecorded electronic programming. Sanna works eye-to-eye with her clients.

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