It's Time to Live Stress Free CD/3 tracks

Price:  $30.00

Want to reduce stress and tension with your eyes closed?

Put your feet up, close your eyes and listen to words that relax you and influence your daily living. Customers, like you, say they are:

  • More productive,
  • More focused with better concentration,
  • Happier and more optimistic,
  • Sleeping better,
  • Experiencing less body pain, and
  • Stop stress eating! 

Interested in anti-aging? You'll be happy to know that when you relax regularly into the deep-mind, you release anti-aging hormones, pain reducing chemicals and increase your immunity. These deep states of mind inspire 'a radiant beauty' from the inside out. Who doesn't want a vibrant, youthful feeling?

Time to Live Stress Free features three tracks:

  • Intentional Breathing: Many people have difficulty taking a deep breath and holding a steady rhythm. The focus on deep abdominal breathing makes it difficult. INTRODUCING: Your signature breath! Customized instructions guide you to discover the right breathing technique that holds your attention on breath and in the body. Breath will deepen naturally!
  • Whole Body Relaxation: A classic  relaxation technique that eases muscle stress and releases accumulated tension from the body. Follow the simple instructions and you will relax deeper and retrain your body to feel more ease. Like a good massage, you'll love how you feel!
  • Absolute Stress Reduction: The easiest stress reducer on the planet! You will lie back, close eyes and wake up relaxed, refreshed, and ready for your day! You'll notice that you reduce the feel of stress through the day and even reduce stress regarding other life struggles. Peel away accumulated stress now!

For maximum benefit, listen to Absolute Stress Reduction every day for up to 2 weeks, then 2 - 3 times a week and then, as needed. Absolute Stress Reduction is 27:04 minutes in length. Some people listen to it at bedtime; others during the day or evening. Listen to it according to what works best for you!, HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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